Wednesday, November 29, 2017

There For You!

Hi there folks...

Hope you all having a great week.  I am stopping by to share with you my special card created to support and build up awareness of copyright and intellectual property theft.  "There For You" stamp from Craftin Desert Divas is specially designed for this cause.

There are many stamp companies that their stamp designs have been stolen for the pass year.  I do understand that not everyone can afford to pay for the branded stamps.  My intention of writing blog post is to create and spread the awareness of IP theft and how it effect the owner/creator as well as the consumers just like you and me.

But first let me show you my card :)

Our poor unicorn used to be bright and shine as rainbows but my card here is reflected the down and doom unicorn that is forced to be in dirt.   

Im sharing my knowledge here and it's my personal point of view.  

We all enjoy the cute and adorable graphic designs from each original stamp that available in the market.  Each step along the way took time to create one(s).  The stamp companies then buy those graphic designs if they are unable to create by themselves.  They then proceed to manufacture those graphic designs, packaging them and promoting them. 

In the other hand, those who steal the designs Do Nothing.  Yes they manufacture the stamp but at what cost.  The quality of the stamps are incomparable from photopolymer stamps.  If you have to buy something (yes, it's obviously cheaper) but it can't produce the clear image and you have to do correction before you even start creating. I think it's totally wasting of your time and money.  I experienced the silicone stamp before and I totally felt I wasted my money.  I rather save a bit more and get the good ones.  

Like I said I understand not everyone can effort to buy branded stamps but there are always an option for you to enjoy crafting, coloring as many took this hobby for stress relieve like I am.  Digital stamps are the option.

I know we can't ask everyone not to buy the fake ones.  It's your choice to choose which one is best for yourself.  By supporting the fake stamps it's also mean supporting the theft to continue stealing.  You won't feel the pain if they're not steal from your pocket.

I mumbling more than enough and I hope my points get across the board.  
Here is my card one more time :) 

Thank you for stopping by and Have a Wonderful day.


Here is CDD products that i used in this card
There For You

Crazy Stitched Frame

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